Altamoda is the new classic that never uses up with fashions, but it consolidates itself over the time by interpreting that strongly luxury-oriented trend that meets the tastes of a more and more careful consumer. The search of excellence and the will to create good design combine themselves in a union that is characterised by family tradition and experience.

The styling ROMANTIC VINTAGE of the production by Altamoda winks at the role play of seduction and, being frivolous and pleasant, plunges you into a scenario that is mid-way between Hollywood and the tales. Colour consist of pastel shades of powder and ivory, inflected with pearls and silks in order to match, even in this case, with the fur refined with glitter fabric or marabout. The set is princely and with the elegance of ancient times that Altamoda resuggests in order to burst into today’s contexts that oriented to the wild minimalism.

Willy - Adventurous living is the categorical imperative for those who love travelling, exploring and discovering different cultures. Their style and their idea of elegance are strictly linked with this rule. Willy, trying to transfer his lifestyle to his home, delivers to us an international appealing view, capturing from the distinctive purity of the lines some marked connections with decoration. A côté déco expressed in the upholsteries, in the design of the furniture and frames.

The items of this composition can be purchased also individually.

Willy 01

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