Vismara Design’s creations are characterized by a truly unique style. Exclusive and absolutely eclectic products, particularly suitable for classy milieus. In order to offer a complete range fitting with its collection of PLASMA, LCD or LED TV FURNITURE, Vismara Design began to manufacture a selection of furnishing accessories such as  mirrors, coffee-tables, lamps, chests and flowerpots, adding in the very recent years also bar furniture and sofas. Indeed this has been a successful choice, very appreciated by customers, since it provides the opportunity to create an exclusive space according to their passion for the relax in home living.

Our complete range is available in different styles from MODERNcharacterized by linear and essential features, up to BAROQUEluxurious and majestic, enriched by details in carved solid wood. From ARTO DECO’, rich and austere at the same time, to CLASSICsober but elegant. More recently new collections are born and grew up such as PYRAMIDvery glamour and enriched by the sequence of gold and silver pyramids or GLASS EYES with its embedded Murano glasses, without forgetting the newborn MOSAIK, hand-decorated with small rhombus-shaped inlays covered by gold or silver leaf, available in different colours and glosses.

Empire - is a CD rack for 122 units (50 CD's can be placed in the structure on the facade through the use of the swivel doors and the rest can be stored in the drawer in the pedestal). Made of stainless steel metal sheets, it is the reconstruction on a scale 1:200 of the famous Empire. It is an artistic cd rack, suitable for public as well as private settings. Seven halogen spotlights give the building a lively energy creating a special atmosphere and a soft enviroment.

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