K8 is honoured to introduce the new line of thermal furnishing unit design, witnessing the company commitment and its attention to offer its customers modern and alluring solutions, with refined and updated shapes. These products aim at enhancing any ambience and architecture, with a new style and elegance imprint, but witnessing tase of people selecting them. In steel to last in time, but with an extruded aluminium core easing the thermal exchange and making heating quicker.

The Circle is designed with minimalism in mind. Its rounded profile offers clean, simplistic elegance for any room in the house.

N.B.: For all the radiators with less than 5 elements the customer is extra-charged.

Plugs and reductions are delivered already mounted on the radiator; so please specify their position and dimensions (1/2” or 3/8”) in your order.

Application of the screen: € 18,00. The application of the screen is compulsory if the water connections (inlet and outlet) are both at the bottom, one on the left and one on the right.

This model can be manufactured with special dimensions on request. For radiators in the finish anodized bright the output is 10% lower than the one stated in the table above.

Extra-charge for special bottom connections. Protective mask is requested for heights lower than 1600 mm.

This product comes in different heights and finishes, please specify with your order.

The width varies by the number of elements you need.


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