Density, richness and brilliance. The Area25 collection is the closest thing to pure colour. In ancient times, the perception of objects was identifid with their colour: the history of colour, therefore, is also the history of the space that surrounds us.

The glass chips transform the abstract concept of colour into solid mosaic surfaces, creating floor or wall coverings for any interior or exterior design project. The Area25 collection is paired well in both colour and inspiration with other Mosaico products. A technologically innovative, low-energy consumption production process to create a sustainable, environmentally-friendly product. Area25 is made of sintered glass obtained by grinding and pressing recycled glass.

This regeneration process creates an extremely strong material, suited for use in environments with heavy foot traffic while also preserving the elegance and poetry of glass mosaics.

This product comes in different colours, please specify with your order. 

Area 25 Pattern 50 x 50

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Dimensions: 318 x 318 mm / 50 x 50 x 6 mm 

Colours: Marina AR.0C94 / Teseo AR.0C95 / Teoria AR.0C96 / Arianna AR.0C97 

Nr. 700.881

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