Surfaces transformed by fluid ripples. Colours magically blended by a contemporary alchemy. Interweaving streaks of colour and 28 delicately varying adventurine shades melt into warm, sophisticated surfaces that still reveal their bond to nature in the depth of the material and the lightness of its colours.

The silver and gold tiles make new customisation possible, while the rectangular format with original “brick-style” laying rediscovers the creative path that originates from tradition in order to express itself with a new personality in interior design projects with a contemporary touch.

This product comes in different colours, please specify with your order. 


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Dimensions: 330 x 320 mm /  20 x 30 x 4 mm

Colours: Madreperla AU.0906 / Beige AU.0894 / Ambra AU.0907 / Marrone AU.0895 / Testa di Moro AU.0896 / Rosa AU.0897 / Pervinca AU.0898 / Zaffiro AU.0899 / Blu Orizzonte AU.0938 / Azzurro AU.0900 / Giada AU.0901 / Turchese AU.0902 / Tormalina AU.0903 / Petrolio AU.0904 / Verde AU.0905 

Nr. 701.357

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