The pleasure of immersion in the colour of water. Pure emotions are diluted in the architecture of baths and swimming-pools.

The colours of Aqua mosaics are the shades of light and dark blues, beige and white, intermingled with touches of mother-of-pearl, in whole colours or delicately blended tones. The synergy of technology and design make this series the perfect product for all surfaces in close contact with water.

This product comes in differents colours, please specify with your order.


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Dimensions: 327 x 327 mm / 20 x 20 x 4 mm

Colours: Bianco Mix AQ.0392 / Grigio Mix AQ.0A77 / Azzurro Mix AQ.0393 / Azzurro S. Mix AQ.0394 / Avio Mix AQ.0A78 / Viola Mix AQ.0A76 / Rosa Mix AQ.0C99 / Beige Mix AQ.0596 / Giallo Mix AQ.0A79 / Verde Mix AQ.0A75  

Nr. 701.408

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