IP 44.de is a young and progressive company that is conservative at the same time. We are conservative when it comes to quality standards and production details. Our technologies on the other hand are decidedly progressive. And our history? Well, this has only just begun.

Basically, "IP44" says that a lamp is suitable for outdoor use. Without doubt this applies to our lamps. But right from the start, we have gone far beyond all the standards. With both aesthetic and durable surfaces. With imperishable materials such as glass, stainless steel or aluminium. With top quality electronic components. And with German production partners who put it all together for us in accordance with the strictest possible quality standards.

Cap is a genuine modern classic, frequently imitated and never attained. It is unmistakable with its consistently integrated housing that accommodates both transformer and illuminant. And the efficient WavePipe-technology gives Cap that special extra which makes the genuine classic stand out and incomparable.

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