Gandia Blasco Merendero modern outdoor table with seating. An ultra modern and refined covered dining table. This covered outdoor seating and table combination was designed by Jose Gandia for Gandia Blasco in Valencia, Spain. Merendero presents a unique way to create a little oasis of your own. This covered outdoor dining unit has many uses: poolside dining, picnic table, garden table, beach- or patio table.

Often used at beach restaurants and beach bars, luxury retreats, spas and resorts and nighclubs. Gandia Blasco's Merendero is made with durable anodized aluminum. This structure has a total of 3 plastic fabric canvas shades. You can move the shades lower or higher depending on the position of the sun, or, your need of privacy. There are three connecting points in the poles in which the bar of the shades 'click in'. Overall, this is a very functional and easy to use solution.

Very nice and minimal, this beautiful outdoor picnic table becomes a natural extension of the modern home. Its timeless good looks will compliment any outdoor space.


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