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The flowing wave that composes the seat and leg rests of SURF alludes to a sense of calm. It is a soft swell in flux, a fluid gesture that changes to vary light. The method of its creator (Karim Rachid) is the overriding canvas of the world for a new well-being that evokes calmness, casualness, driven by vibrant forms that are refreshing, awakening, and elevating and are metaphors for a new global dynamism. This elegant deck chair is manufactured by rotational molding, the main characteristic of this technique is that the material is 100% recyclable and it can explore never-ending possibilities in the shapes.

The product comes in different colors, please specify with your order.


Design: Karim Rashid

Hee Welling was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hee started his design education at Art School, Ranum, Denmark in 1992 and went on to study Architecture and then Furniture Design at The Danish Design School in Copenhagen, graduating in 2006. In 2007 Hee established the Hee Design Studio. As well as design, Hee teaches furniture design at the Danish Design School. His clients are TD, Vietnam; Nielaus Furniture, Denmark; Weber Furniture, Denmark; Hay, Denmark; Houe, Denmark; Brdr. Andersen, Denmark; ZETA, Denmark and 8000c, Denmark.. Designer Karim Rashid

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Finish: whiteblack / bronze / steel / antraciteredpistacho / orange / pink / ice

Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 90 cm BASIC

Nr. 900.101, EAN: 51011
Country of origin: Spain

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