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Large Emotion VENICE Mirror

With a diverse selection of fun modern designs, our popular LARGE EMOTION Collection has everything you need to complete your home.

The Venice Mirror was designed and handcrafted by Boca do Lobo in Rio Tinto, Portugal. Five passionate years of Exclusive Design has resulted in the Venice, Boca do Lobo newest Limited Edition work of art. Our love affair with reflection dates back to 6000BC, the ability mirrors have to reflect light and the world around us so perfectly remains unrivalled by any other object. Due to this ability to reflect light and show appearance so precisely and incredibly, mirrors are widely believed to have enchanting powers. A passionate explosion of romance, drama and emotion is transcended through this magnificent Venetian mirror. Famed for our elegant and beautiful style of glass use, our designers used their world-renowned talent and gorgeous glass to produce this blinding splendor.

Large Emotion VENICE Mirror
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Dimensions: 147 x 214 x 6 cm (W x D x H)

Nr. 901.117
Country of origin: Portugal

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