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Mirror Sora 00SP18

Seven Sedie is an italian producer of quality classic chairs, armchairs, tables, sofas, desks.

Seven Sedie Reproduction: classic style chairs, classic armchairs, classic sofas, classic tables, classic desks, Italian love seats, classic stools and footstools, classic barstools, classic quality console.

The raw materials, such as beech wood and high quality fibres, are carefully selected by Seven Sedie. High quality manufacturing and top level creativity are the result of the craftsmanship at Seven Sedie, a company with fresh and modern ideas also in terms of technical development.

Seven Sedie has long standing relationships with reliable collaborators and suppliers, often on an exclusive basis, and provides them with continuous updates. The diffusion of the know-how acquired to all its partners is a plus point for Seven Sedie which can thus benefit from a fast, efficient and coordinated inter-company communications system.

Sora - simple and refined classic style rectangular wall mirror; it can be easily combined with classic or modern furnishings. Precious silver leaf lacquer finish.

Mirror Sora 00SP18
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Dimensions: 92 x 182 cm (W x H) 

Wood: Beech

Finishes: U1 - Silver leaf

Nr. 654.191, EAN: 00SP18
Country of origin: Italy

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