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Midj is a company in the Friuli region that produces - entirely in Italy – chairs, tables and complementary furnishing items featuring top-design and quality. For over twenty years the company has been pursuing its goals of growth and development in style and production, restyling its range, improving and expanding its offices and production units, where chairs are made for markets worldwide. Experience and professionalism acquired over the years are the strengths of this company, which offers functional, modern top-design products.

Midj produces and sells a variety of lines featuring striking design content and modern style for the home and workplace, a perennial search for new materials and finishes. The range includes chairs, mainly with a metal frame and upholstered in hide, leather, fabrics and plastic; tables with a metal frame and wood or glass tops; complementary furnishing items in metal, hide, leather and methacrylates.

Continuously concentrating on upgrading, training and improvements in production enables the company to maintain excellent quality standards, creating the right conditions for offering customers the products they want, for optimizing delivery times and for an extensive distribution and sales network in Italy and worldwide.  

Convenient and stackable chair, suitable for outdoors as well as indoors. The steel rod forms the profiles and volumes almost as if it were a sharp pencil trace. Back and seat in metallic mesh are directly welded to the steel rod frame. It is available painted in various monochrome colours.

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Design: Titti Giovannoni Ottaviani

Titti Giovannoni Ottaviani, an interior designer from Rome, with a great passion for everything concerning the home, Titti has recently begun to create her own line, which includes highly unique complementary furnishing items … soft antique-look leather, meticulous contrasting relief stitching, transparent methacrylate, shiny perfect steel. All this comprises the “T.” line, inspired by the initial letter of her name, which becomes the culmination of dozens of creations that arouse evocative phrases with their original combinations.

Therefore we can find “T. coccolo”, as well as “T. riparo” and “T. aspetto”, just a little taste of “cuddles in letters” that Titti wanted to create exclusively for Midj. This line is affectionate, functional and ironic, focusing on quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. Each item has been meticulously researched … small masterpieces with highly evocative potential. In her own words, the “T” becomes an “emotionally dynamic element”… how can you resist?

Designer Titti Giovannoni Ottaviani

Availability: In stock

Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm (W x H) 

Materials: chrome, ardesia, high quality leather white

Nr. 656.747
Country of origin: Italy

Availability: In stock

Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm (W x H) 

Materials: chrome, ardesia, antique-look leather natural

Nr. 656.748
Country of origin: Italy

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