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X-Tend Table

Tribù is a Belgian company that specializes in exclusive outdoor furniture in the top segment. It was one of the pioneers who, in the early 90s, saw the terrace and the garden as an extension of the building.

Supported by its long experience, this family business has now grown to become an internationally recognized brand that is distributed in 44 countries worldwide. Its designs are pure and timeless - synonym for discreet luxury - and inspired by architecture. Tribù only uses materials of the highest quality and pays a lot of attention to a fine detail finish.

Its collections are divided into two brands:

-TRIBÙ has a modern, architectural style and is designed by international talents.

-TRIBÙ versus has a warm, mediterranean flair and combines authentic materials with a pure design.

The X-tend table has a user-friendly extension system in which the extension panel can be easily pulled out from underneath the table top on a railsystem. The frame is made of aluminium with a light shiny stainless steel look. As for the top, you can choose from black or extra white, mat glass that is tempered according to the British standard BS6206A for safety glass, or black ceramic.

This product comes in different sizes and colours, please specify with your order.

Availability: In stock

Dimensions: 160 270 / 200 → 310 x 170 x 83 cm (W x D x H)

Frame: aluminium with an electropolished stainless steel look or powdercoated for optimal corrosion resistance

Top: thermically hardened glass

Top colours: white / black

Frame colours: andonised aluminium (EP look) white powdercoated

Price: from 3024 € to 3584 €

Nr. 654.736
Country of origin: Belgium

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