Amazon is an Uffix range which descirbes a new and pure furnishing concept which encourages towards a free interpretation of the space. Such creative path is the syntesis of human ancestral inclination to liven the enviroment in a simple and natural way. This gives life to an crystalline design which does not require any superficial decorative element for an immediate interaction with the user.

The simple orthogonal lines emphasize the utmost aesthetic pureness allowing Amazon to be placed within any architectural enviroment. The tempered crystal tops, characterized by neutral and restful shades, convey a pleasant sense of sobriety and formal elegance.

The formal rigour and essentiality of the Amazon collection, enables it to define a logical and linear workspace. The tops and contoured extensions give place to shapes and volumes which create single compositions characterized by an extreme lightness, conveying different feelings through the warm oak veneered finish and the crystal pureness.

The attention to the details and the high quality craftsmanship enrich the perceived value. The contoured tops in wengé and lacquered finish float lightly on extruded aluminium columns. A continuative visual effect which conveys a perception of pleasant harmony.

This product comes in different configurations, sizes, finishes and colours, for more details please check the PDF below.

Office workstations


A new balance among shape, material and space. This is the planning concept that gave birth to The Element, Uffix new collection, born by a thought inspired by aesthetical pureness and formal reduction. A timeless, absolute design which overcomes the trends expressing an immediate harmonic feeling.

To live the working environment in a flexible and smart way in a customised habitat. This is the design idea which inspired YO, the innovative furniture system which corresponds to several functional and operational needs. A concept crossly addressed to all levels of the working environment: workstation, open space, meeting area, executive and reception.

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100% SAFE PURCHASES Each product is certified by the manufacturer
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Manufacturer: Uffix



Finishes: wood / lacquered glass

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