Credit card payment

As you already know, shopping and eDezeen gives you the possibility to check out through three different payment methods. 
The credit card payment requires for you to own at least one of the following credit cards:
⦁ Visa 
⦁ Master Card

You can choose this method in the ordering process and provide your name, the credit card number as well as the check digits and the validity date of the card afterwards. You will find all the required information on the front and back of your credit card. The credit card number is the shaped numerical order on the front of the card and the check digits are printed on the back of your credit card. Safe and fast!
Visa and MasterCard have developed a procedure called 3D Secure. This procedure saves credit card payments in the internet and demands an additional insert of a personal password, thus avoiding the misuse of credit cards.
You can find more information about "MasterCard SecureCode" here and view the procedure from visa, called “Verified by Visa”, here.

Please note that, if your card is already 3D secured, you will be ill be asked to insert your password after inserting your credit card data. Only then the payment will be continued.

If your card is not registered for 3D Secure the procedure, but it' s suitable for it, you will be demanded to select a 3D Secure Password as well as some personal data. The data will be directly sent to the institute you received the credit card from and aren’t viewable by neither the trader nor the payment service. Consequently the payment process will be continued and your card will be registered for 3D Secure, so that future purchases will proceed by 3D Secure and with your password.

If you encounter any inconvenient in the process or have more questions about the process, please contact the institute that issued your credit card.
Having problems in the credit card payment process? eDezeen staff is available for any question you may have. Just contact us!