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  • FDW 614 DHE A+
  • FDW 614 DHE A+
  • FDW 614 DHE A+


New-generation Franke dishwashers and refrigerators guarantee optimum performance and low energy/water consumption, while offering new functions and programmes designed to ensure easy operation and impeccable results.

New high-performance, highly functional models. Franke presents the new generation of triple-A rated dishwashers, for perfect washing and drying results at low energy consumption levels. Among the innovative solutions is the third rack, ideal for managing the available space in a flexible and functional manner. This is a practical system for arranging cutlery, utensils and small pieces of crockery such as espresso cups and saucers, eliminating the traditional cutlery basket.

Electronic programmer. Energy class A + A class wash. Class drying. 3 in 1 Button. Number of programs 9. Number cookware sets 14. Adjust the water softener electronically. Adjustable upper basket - Button. Water leakage protection device. Stainless steel grease filter. Base 60. Schedule wash half load.



What began 100 years ago as the “Spenglerei Hermann Franke (plumber’s workshop)” in Rorschach (SG) is today – three generations later – a global Swiss company group comprising 70 companies and around 11,000 employees. Franke, whose products are used in more than 100 million household kitchens, is entering into a close cooperation with the ETH Zürich: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich on its 100th birthday. In addition to the award of two scholarships, the “Franke – ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships”, the company is also supporting the Strategic Fund of the ETH Zurich.

Four strong entrepreneurial personalities from the two company families Franke and Pieper have largely shaped the history of Franke: Hermann Franke, the founder and industrial pioneer, recognized the potential of stainless steel at an early stage. He started manufacturing welded sinks, and thereby laid the foundation for the industrial development of Franke. Walter Franke took over the company after the sudden death of his father. He expanded the sink production by entering the commercial kitchen sector, and expanded business activities beyond the Swiss border by purchasing companies in Western Europe or setting them up himself. Walter Franke was one of the fathers of the kitchen technology standards that are still used today.

Willi Pieper acquired the Franke company from his friend Walter Franke, and developed it further with a systematic approach and a clear strategy. Willi Pieper’s goal was to become the Number One worldwide in selected niche markets.With the purchase of the Progressive Corporation in Philadelphia USA, he took the first big step towards becoming a global company. Michael Pieper turned a company with a turnover of CHF 480 million in 1989 into the globally leading provider of intelligent systems for domestic kitchens, professional food service, professional coffee preparation, intelligent systems for the beverage industry and comprehensive washroom solutions, with a turnover of around CHF 2.5 billion. He realized the potential of Eastern European countries, Asia, South America and Africa at an early stage, and consistently and successfully built the company into today’s global Franke Artemis Group.

Innovative thinking along with a commitment to product development has been a fundamental element in the continued success of Franke worldwide.


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Manufacturer: Franke

FDW 614 DHE A+


Finish: inox

Dimensions: 596 x 818 x 570 mm

€ 885.36 / kg
VAT ExcludedVAT Excluded tooltip text | Estimated delivery between September 18, 2019 and September 22, 2019
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