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A project almost as good as your best friend. An essential collection based on clean shapes, styled in a new geometric framework which is based on the super-oval. Adaptable to modern interiors and architectural spaces, perfect for an intimate or everyday bathroom.

Accessible to all, LFT spazio is weightless and simple, young and versatile. A small collection of furniture is also available in oak and coloured lacquer.

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Bathroom Fixtures


A space to inhabit, as transparent and fluid as water itself. Simas has turned an abstract concept into something tangible. A commitment to designing solutions for every-day living. A commitment to studying the evolution in habits, in taste, in life-style and in every concept for what a home should be. A commitment to setting trends thanks to its ability to foresee the desires of the individual and the needs of the market in general. A commitment to producing only top-quality articles, to the highest standards. This has always been the aim of our work.

Fully integrated interiors without walls,with expansive views onto the exterior: the classic concept of living space divided in separate rooms is by now a thing of the past. Modern living in an open plan house, in which nature is an integral part of the ambìance, in which a bathroom space is ample and stylistically refined in every detail, in which living and cookìng are united in a social meeting ground, in which the interior and exterior are juxtaposed, harmoniously united and fully integrated. Simas was chosen to furnish four bathrooms in three houses set in the rolling green hills around Piacenza. Three houses with very different and distinct character, aII strong and uniquely charismatic, each in their own right.

Each bathroom has been specially designed to reflect and compliment the home, incarnating the sprit and accentuating the personality of the owner. Internal furnishings are uniquely integrated within the architectural context. And each architectural setting fully complìments the surround Iandscape. From the 1950s Californian style of the bungalow-villa in wood and glass designed by architect Nicholas Berwick, to the classic ltalian farmhouse awned by Enrico Fusco and Simona Orsini and renovated by architect Filippo Paglianì, to the popcoloured apartment interiors designed by Geert Koster. Three different stories. Three different styles, United in their contemporary vision. And – for aII three – Simas: the perfect choice.

The essence of a company is in its products. Two major categories of products define the Simas collection design and classics.  More than collections, Simas is architectural design for the pleasure of bathroom interiors. For a style of Iiving with a full range of expression in furnishings and interior Iiving spaces. Classic (Arcade and Londra). Classic is that which is free from the shackles of time. For whomever continues to appreciate beauty and hence never grows old. A wide reaching, high quality catalogue to meet a|| kinds of needs. From basic to aristocratìc. From the Ioft products to boutique furnishings. Common denominators: top quality materials and the best of made in italy.

For furnishing open spaces with the freedom of water. That’s the idea which Simas transforms into real objects. With the daily challenge of finding everyday solutions, our designers are fully on top of changes in taste and style, and it is they who are setting trends because they know how to foresee both individual needs and changes in the market. Inspired creativity Iinked to top notch marketing. A precise identìty and a coordinated image which addresses everything from the choice of products to the graphic design of the company, global communication strategies, coherence, completeness and uniformity. Always with an eye for new olutions. To Iet the world know about Simas, to enamour, to inspire.


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100% SAFE PURCHASES Each product is certified by the manufacturer
100% SAFE PURCHASES Each product is certified by the manufacturer
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Manufacturer: Simas

LFT Bidet

DESIGNED BY: Terri Pecora


€ 327.00
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€ 327.00
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