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A-Tipiko, brand design of this door manufacturer, is the new reference for those who recognize the style, harmony and modern design offered by this kind of product.
A-Tipiko reality with his dynamic and innovative character has the peculiarity to anticipate market trends and it offers to its clients new solutions adaptable to any furniture.

The desire to create a unique and original decor of your home is one of the proven needs of customers with even greater consistency. The furniture limited edition and on demand have therefore become one of the current trend of furniture.  The keyword of the service provided by A-Tipiko is customization: to ensure that every customer has the possibility to design his ideal door, A-Tipiko provides specialized technical people and an internal laboratory able to realize customs designs and limited edition furniture solutions.  The customer must only describe his preferences and personality, then A-Tipiko designers transform the idea to a unique design object.

The italianess, synonymous in the world for quality, creativity, sophistification and originality, has allowed the Italian products to gain value over time and fame in various ranges of goods and the furniture is not an exception. As each line of doors is conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, A-Tipiko is to be considered a label Made in Italy at all. This warrants and certifies the highest quality and refinement, typical of Italian furnishing products, associated with the best design.

The sliding doors collection Too is based on the idea of running free on the tracks. This new item of A-Tipiko doors has a sliding system that allows ultra smooth movements, supported by small “bricks” which provide great visual impact effects. The bricks on which the doors slide are fixed on the wall, instead of the truck.  Independent sliding door collection reinforces to the close relationship between A-Tipiko and a refined design. The unique sliding system can be used with different materials and fill of personality the room in which it is placed. The sliding system is presented as the opposite of classical system: the wheels are fixed to the wall instead of the track and the track is attached to the wing.

Flow is a collection of glass and wood doors with a strong linearity and aesthetic and with an innovative and exclusive sliding system: it rests on the platform behind the door and it becomes invisible. It is possible to match materials and colors of the door and of the guide, but you can also choose from different combinations. The feature that makes unique Flow is also the track, achieved in glass or wood, not only in metal.

Vanity is a collection of modern standard doors with glass door along the wall. The invisible jamb make it as a door with a unique and extremely elegant design that match perfectly with any kind of furnishing.
Stained and decorated glasses give various possibilities to choose between this standard doors which can satisfy each demand, even the most difficult.

Mixing Italian taste and artisan skills to the innovative manufacturing techniques, A-Tipiko doors are able to give a strong personality and a unique style in the environment in which they are.


Manufacturer site: www.a-tipikodoors.it