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Area Declic is a brand of ARRMET, a historic Friulian factory active since the '60s in the chair-manufacturing cluster in Manzano (Udine). The brands DEBI e MAN belong to ARRMET as well. he innovative character of ARRMET was revealed from its beginning: while typical chair production in the area involved wood, the company adopted metal structures. It specialized, in particular, in the production of chairs for schools and community use.

In time, the company decided to manufacture mass-produced chairs, as a mark of fond utopia for functionality and design: to produce high quality objects, even when dealing with everyday products of large consumption.

Starting in the '90s, ARRMET directed important investments into moulds for the production of chairs in plastic material, getting a collection ready that would re-launch its image. Moreover, it acquired in that way the know-how that characterized the following years: knowing how to work with designers and recognizing the potential offered by the vast world of plastics. Area Declic was born from the necessity to differentiate the ARRMET brand to orientate itself better in the marketplace. Under this brand the company offers designer chairs, stools, tables and furnishings, distinguished by the coupling of metal and plastic and by marked functionality.

"The company grows, thanks to experienced staff that works in the commercial office, in the R&D product, production ... All staff work to improve and overcome the various problems encountered."


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