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arturo alvarez has a large lighting catalogue for commercial and residential uses. Interior lighting, made with contemporary design lamps, should be done correctly in order to distribute light in a smart and homogeneous way. Technical lighting could be mixed with design lamps. One of a kind lamps enhance a space by giving it life and lighting it in a special way.

arturo alvarez presents for 2013, an original and surprising catalogue. Among its new lamp collections are: super original table lamps, pendants in many sizes and textures with a varied color line to choose, wall lamps made with a new ecological material and led technology.

Designer Arturo Alvarez is one of the founders and the core engine of the company bearing his name. Along his career he has been able to bring together hundreds of persons. His Bety lamp is shown at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Barcelona. In 2008 he won the prestigious “Good Design” award with the design Gea and, in 2009, with Fluo.

Pendant lamps offered by the lighting company arturo alvarez are unique and exclusive designs. You can choose them in different colours and finishes. In our catalogue you will find different forms, volumes and different materials to suit different uses for both residential and commercial lighting projects.

Ceiling lamps designed by arturo alvarez are original and different, they let you make compositions or just place them as a single piece. The indirect light from these ceiling lamps offers a warm and subtle light, in corridors, halls, bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges as well as in different commercial spaces.

Designer wall lamps are a kind of decorative lamp very useful to diffuse light in spaces. Different size or color compositions can be made to decorate walls or to be used as single designs. arturo alvarez created a varied collection of decorative lamps to achieve the best possible interior lighting.

Modern design floor lamps are versatile and useful when not enough points of light on walls and ceilings are available. These lamps provide indirect lighting and give you the possibility to place them in every corner. This kind of lighting is important for commercial lighting spaces such as shops, hotel lobbies and common areas or restaurants.

Table lamps are used as desk lamps on the bedside table and therefore as reading lamps. They are also a good solution for entrance cabinets or side tables. They offer a punctual and pleasant light. Portable lighting fixtures always offer the option to vary their use in different spaces and environments.


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