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Ninety Years of history made of Bandini a reality which experience and skill in the bathroom field are rare in the world. A history marked out by a will of innovation, looking constantly for new technology, always more sure and sophisticate as well as by a will of research in the latest design, with a high aesthetic value as well as functionality. A history in which words like tradition and humanistic culture have been never forgotten.

The bathroom in the contemporary society acquires the sense of a place of deep privacy, where relaxing and taking care of our body. The philosophy inspiriting Bandini's work consist in interpreting these necessities realizing aesthetic and functional solutions which goal is the wellness of the human being. Since the beginning Bandini was involved in realizing products which are ecological and wealthy. Bandini was the first company in Italy removing the lead from his faucets on each collection produced so to bring down the leavings of lead in the water flow and quite less than required form the O.M.S.

Today their engagement follows up, by supplying all their products with a flow reducer and last generation aerators, so to avoid any waste of water. Due to this Bandini got an important acknowledgement "Rubinetto Verde". Realizing Design Pieces in form of Modern Art Sculptures, timeless objects, reflecting their beauty eternally, faucets becoming real jewels in the bathroom. This is the constant work in research that Bandini entrusted Arch. Marco Pisati, this is the goal that preludes to a creation of a New Bathroom Aesthetics.


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