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Baños 10, a leader in the manufacture of bathroom equipment. Throughout its 20 years in business the company has established itself as a leading manufacturer of hot tubs, hydromassage cabins, shower columns and shower trays. Prudent management, long-term vision and orderly growth are the three pillars on which is founded the financial solvency of Baños 10. Also part Baños 10 Suñer Group, a holding company with over 75 years of business tradition, active in more than twenty companies and nearly a thousand workers.
Baños 10 Bathroom Furniture Division was created as a result of an ambitious business process, led by SUÑER GROUP, starts to make the purchase of a going over 20 years old in the bathroom furniture market, Trojan Manufacturing SL .

Once adapted all its manufacturing processes to the quality standards that they demand, they  launched our first product catalog in June 2008.
Three years later, it fuses with the company Baños 10, once again strengthening our brand as the undisputed leader in the segment of the bathroom.
As a leading company in the spa segment, based on the high quality methacrylate feedstock Baños 10 assumes all manufacturing processes to control from the design and quality of components to finished products required by our customer
Baños10 growth is supported by the development of business relationships with our customers and partners with a high degree of satisfaction thereof. This is a key to our strategy.

The human factor is an important asset in the company, a work ethic based on effectiveness, with a young and dynamic team can guarantee the best in service and product quality.
Bathrooms 10 is characterized by an entrepreneurial company that takes and develops new market challenges. With a young and enterprising human capital the company advances in the field with steady growth.

Baños 10 -  Spanish manufacturer of whirlpool baths, SPA, shower cabins, shower trays and accessories for the bathroom, including furniture. This company is TOP three producer in its industry in Spain. Baños 10 was founded in 1990 to provide the opportunity to improve the quality of life using the benefits of massage, chromo therapy and magneto therapy. The factory has several patents for technologies developed in the field of massage & chromo therapy, as well as in creation of innovative materials the company use in its production.

All product is completely safe, what is confimed with certificates and successful work of the company on national and international markets. The production is certified by ISO 9000 standard.


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