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The story of SERIGLASS began way back in 1952: Amedeo Foschi, af­ter thirty years' experience working with major firms in the glass sector, founded an entirely craftsman-based business that would meet the de­mands of the time with quality and creativity.
And so Vetreria Romagnola was launched, before changing its name to Vetreria Artigiana Forlivese, with its historic headquarters in Via Ra­vegnana, in the centre of ForlÏ. Over the years, Amedeo Foschi's skills as a perfect master glassmaker won the favour of increasing numbers of clients: this was the period of his famous hand-silvered mirrors and painted glass for the interior decor sector.

Witness and heir to this success was Sergio, Amedeo's son, who took over the reins from his father in 1968, founding AVA, which went on in 1984 to become the current Seriglass. Sensitive to the demands of a rapidly-changing world, the newlyformed company began to develop the first stages of industrialisation, alongside their traditional production.

In 1977, the growing number of orders meant a larger, better equipped site was needed: Sergio moved the company from the city centre to the industrial zone. New, cutting-edge ma­chinery was bought: the first tempering furnace, the automatic cutting bench, the double ed­ging lines and the automatic screen-printing systems. The company continued to grow stea­dily, in terms of know-how, orders and production capacity.
In the 1990s Sergio's sons Andrea and Marco joined the staff of the company, respectively leading the production and sales departments. This period was marked by a further phase of development and technological renewal, in line with the company's ethos of always inve­sting in quality and innovation.

Research, creativity, experience: today this blend is perfectly expressed in the creation of Vetrotermoarredo  BK BRAMO, a proudly-claimed own brand, made entirely in Italy, from design through to production. A new step forward for Seriglass, a new frontier, towards a future that is bright and crystal clear. Just like its glass.


Manufacturer site: www.bkbramo.com 

Bk Bramo