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The company Bodema was established in 1969 in Meda, which is the capital of the “furniture area” named Brianza. With the experience of the traditional upholstery furniture production in Meda, Bodema has had a continue evolution, and it is now positioned at the pinnacle of the high-upholstery level of the market.

Today Bodema is represented in various shops throughout Italy and abroad. Overseas sales now account for approximately 50% annual production. The company is well known in Europe, particularly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain and in the last few years has become represented in the ex Soviet Union Countries and in the USA.  Company’s aim is to create, thanks to the technology, products which provide functionality and satisfy a wide range of demands. The design, the research and choice of high quality materials are directed to a demanding and well informed user of a medium to high financial status. 
The sofabed range responds particularly to the precise request of the market. With the functionality of the sofabeds, space problems are well solved with the most recent solutions in the upholstery world of the new millennium.

The structure on massive wood of fir-tree and beech-tree, covered with polyurethane expanded indeformable, and covered in cotton, springing with elastic belts interlaced, seat’s foam quilted with goose feathers and a soul of polyurethane expanded indeformable, back cushions and pillows are filled with goose feathers, these are only a few details that make Bodema furniture special. The design and the comfort together with the well done manufactured covers in fabric or leather, distinguished this products as a typical “Made in Brianza” one.


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