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The company CASAMANIA was founded in Italy in 1984 and produces everything from modular-furniture systems, to chairs and lamps and other accessories for the living and office area. Since its founding, it has been the little sister of the well known company FREZZA and CASAMANIA is increasingly becoming a melting pot for the ideas of Italian and international designers. To name a few: Perry King (armchair and sofa SIGMUND) and Santiago Miranda (chair series TALLE), Luca Nichetto and Carlo Tinti (chair series VAD and lamp Jerry). With a lot of imagination and colour, innovative materials, frequently combined with metals or plastics of various types, are turned into functional, aesthetic works of art- for daily use in both commercial areas and the private home.

CASAMANIA' s joy of experimentation knows no boundaries- which is clearly reflected its many funny accessories, which hype up any dull day and make it cheerful. With good reason, numerous living elements and accessories have been awarded national and international awards and can be seen at many permanent exhibitions worldwide. Designer Karim Rashid downright sampled old and new, colours and shapes and the most unique style elements and materials. This brought about many exceptional items such as the classic dustbin GARBO, ZONTIK the umbrella stand or the unusual bar stool KANT. The design office Fabrica (Rita Joao& Pedro Ferriera) created the cactus-like washing line ALBERTO, which can be seen in the Australian quiz show TEMPTATIONS. It is also available online in several models in the Proformshop The wardrobe stand XX was created by Josh Owen and can be mounted in minutes without tools. CASAMANIA also furnishes the Italian BigBrother-house. The design-objects KANT, VAD, OPUS, FESTIVAL TROLLEY and X-TILE for example, are all integrated into the daily life of BigBrother- and look great doing it! In 2005 CASAMANIA was already under contract in the BigBrother-house in Great Britain and in 2006 was represented in various reality TV shows for the 6th year running.

Casamania offers attractive products, functionally and aesthetically rich and ideal for use in a diverse range of contexts. Products are characterised by the use of colour, offering a sense of wellbeing to any space. Casamania has accumulated valuable experience in the accessories sector and particularly for its modular systems, ideal for every situation and every space: whether home, office or shop. At the heart of the brand is the drive for innovation.

Constant research into new forms and materials offers clients the possibility to surround themselves with modern and unique products. Thanks to a series of collaborations with internationally renowned and designers and emerging young talent, Casamania is able to offer a new vision of furnishing as an expression of style, philosophy and personality. Casamania is a brand in constant evolution. The Energy and passion of the young team, combined with the creative input from its designers enables Casamania to move forward in building a dynamic and promising future.


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