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The love for one's origins and the value of traditions, are the ingredients of a great figure which has made of his genuine talent an expression of the industrious north east of Italy. Designer of great relevance contributing significantly in making the history of a great industrial reality of a taste completely Made in Italy, recognised throughout the world.

CATTELAN ITALIA was established in 1979 from an idea of Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, manufacturing initially "marble" elements, such as tables and coffee tables, focusing the business towards the export market. Immediately the firm achieved very ambitious results throughout USA, Europe and the Far East.
In 1982 the construction of the first factory building in Carré (VI), which has continuously been extended to its current dimensions of 33 000 square metres.
In 1989 in order to satisfy the market demand, the collection widens to a larger proposition of dining tables, chairs, bookshelves and other complementary furnishing combining materials like wood, glass, leather and metal.

Thanks also to the collaboration with Architects and Designers such as Yoshino, Plazzogna, De Longhi, Nanni, Studio Cà Nova, Gruppo grafite, Shito, Jackson, Lucatello, etc. the company consolidates the tireless ambitions of Giorgio Cattelan and some of its products achieve international recognitions at various Furniture Fairs; in particular the chair "Bella" receives an award for its design and functionality at the "NEO CON" in Chicago.
In 1995, the two sons, Lorenzo and Paolo, enter into the business: Lorenzo follows the general image of the firm with all that concerns the graphic and artistic part till 2002, when he moves to Tuscany to manage a property with a noted "agriturismo" and vineyards in the Chianti DOCG region. Paolo acts as the Commercial Manager of the company, travelling most part of the year in order to consolidate the commercial relationships with the major customers all over the world. In the years, thanks to the support and experience of Giorgio Cattelan, Paolo has become the very core of the Company for the study, design and launch of successful products.

The Company finds a natural outburst of turnover, positioning itself as one of the biggest Italian firms in the furnishing sector.
In 2004 acquires and also begins to distribute the brand FLY LINE, some of its products achieve international recognitions such as the chair "DU-30" and the chair "DAFNE" (both designed by Gastone Rinaldi) receive the "COMPASSO D'ORO" award.
In 2007 presents a new, ambitious project, with a glamour collection presented for the first time in Verona "Abitare il Tempo" in September 2007: the name given to the new project is "NOIR" and will find its first real presentation during the International Milan fair in April 2008.

Today Cattelan Italia is proud to be displayed in more than 2500 of the most qualified showrooms in 104 countries around the world.
To support this wide distribution network, a selection of Agents has been set up in all the countries, enforced by the presence of Cattelan Italia in all major International Fairs such as Cologne, Paris, Valencia, Moscow, Courtrai and of course Milan. CATTELAN ITALIA….. is not only "the complete home", it is also serenity and humanity, It is also opening the door and breathing the fragrance of objects dear to us.
Attempting to arrive at the heart, furnishing with simplicity and refinement by joining the choice of the best materials to the style which represents it.

Cattelan Italia furniture offers an extraordinary value as well, enabling homeowners to add the creations of some of the world’s most renowned designers of modern furniture to their homes. Cattelan Italia includes award-winning design from such innovators as Gastone Rinaldi, Yoshino and Emilio Nanni. The Cattelan Italia collection includes furnishings and accessories for every space in a contemporary home, and room service 360° is proud to offer the best of the Cattelan Italia furniture. From a broad array of distinctive tables and chairs, to accessories such as lighting, mirrors and coat racks, a wide selection of Cattelan Italia furnishings ensure the right choice for rooms decorated in the modern interior design style.

All this in enclosed in a single brand... CATTELAN ITALIA.


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