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Established in the 1960s in Pramaggiore, a town in Northern Italy near Venice, Cesar is a family owned business that manufactures more than 11,000 kitchens per year. They are experts in the craft of Italian design, built to serve the most discriminating American consumer.
Cesar products and designs are 100% customizable and extremely flexible to our clients’ desires. We can modify the depth, height and width of each piece and match lacquer to custom requests. 

Quality is an essential ingredient when designing a kitchen. Cesar kitchens exceed expectations by combining only the most durable and high quality materials to promote longevity. Cesar also promotes a healthy lifestyle by producing materials from wood by-products. All surfaces are scratch resistant and water repellent. The interior edges are rounded to protect against damage from impact. The bottoms of our sinks are designed to protect against water leaks, trap condensation and corrosion.

For more than forty years Cesar has been busy producing kitchens that are born from creative intuition. Blending modern technology, innovative materials and hand finishing produces extremely functional environments that are pleasant to live in. All of their  Cesar products have exceeded the expectations of International Quality Institutes such as CERTIFIED QUALITY SYSTEM UNI ISO 9001, ICILA, CISQ and IQNET.

The kitchen is considered the heart of a home. It is where luscious and nutritious food is being cooked for the family and guests to enjoy. Hence, it is made sure that the kitchen is clean, orderly and also well-designed. A clean kitchen can assure those dining in the house that they are consuming clean food. You will also love to cook in a kitchen that has everything you need and is designed in a manner that suits your needs.

If we speak of kitchens, Cesar of Italy has many kitchen designs that range from modern kitchens to traditional kitchens. All of them are designed impressively using high quality materials. Cesar firmly believes in sustainable development that is why they adopt the most innovative environmental protection and health promoting solutions in producing their kitchens. With this philosophy that goes along their kitchens, it surely has an edge from other kitchen designs giving a high consideration of the environment.
With quality and innovation, Cesar produces over 11,000 kitchens every year. This manifests that many people around the globe are patronizing their kitchen designs.


Manufacturer site: www.cesar.it