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Cocoon fires  produces a stunning range of fireplaces and products that are as functional as they are beautiful. Designed by innovative and celebrated designer Federico Otero, the Cocoon is an example of contemporary design made unique. Running on biofuel, our fireplaces are clean and environmentally friendly as the flame radiates warmth throughout the room.Their pieces will make great stylish additions to interior and exterior spaces.
Their  ethanol based fireplaces are smoke free and require no flue. They represent not merely decoration but real fireplaces which create an outstanding environment.

 Cocoon Fires produce an amazing range of fireplaces both beautiful and functional. The contemporary fireplaces are made of stainless steel, and can be installed in any room of the house, they work with biofuel and are smoke free making them clean and environmentally friendly. Best of all is that the fireplace can be used all year round, as an ice bucket, to store bottles, glasses and even food. Cocoon fires  offer a simple and practical solution for functional and attractive heating. They are easy to install, require no ceiling flue, gas connection or firewood. Cocoon fires  run on ethanol, making them clean and environmentally friendly. As the ethanol burns, the main body of the fireplace heats and radiates warmth throughout the room. The burner inside takes 2 litres of fuel and burns up to 4 hours depending on the heat setting, which can be adjusted for comfort.

These modern fireplaces are a combination of sophisticated design, heating function, and environmental awareness. With a range of fireplaces for either indoor or outdoor use, Cocoon Fires radiates style and introduces the modern fireplace to the modern home.


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