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FARO is a company founded in 1986 and focused on the design, manufacturing and marketing of lighting devices.
Along its life, FARO has evolved towards the diversifiaction of its ranges of products, the internationalization of its markets and the creation of its own collections with the mission of becoming a global supplier.
On this track for global development, they launch into the market their line of technical and professional lighting with a range of products selected accurately and focused on giving aesthetic, efficient and profitable solutions on installations and also, comitted with the environment.

FARO has been working since 1986 on the design and manufacture of all types of luminaires. Over all these years FARO has increased its potential through its constant creative, technical and operational improvements, incorporating the latest trends in designs and styles in order to satisfy all their customers’ necessities. During this period, and based on experience acquired over time, FARO has increased in innovation potential through constant product improvements, acquiring the latest trends, creating its own designs and adopting to the different styles that coexist in the world of lighting. FARO's range of fans is today a reference point in Europe. FARO offers a good design, a great diversity of models and quality, positioning the ceiling fan as a comfortable, decorative element that is also environmentally friendly.

In order to continue in this line and to become a global company in a constantly evolving world, they have created a division called FARO LED, with the objective of covering the LED technology lighting sector, enabling the company to place itself at the forefront of the market and to count on a wide range of products and solutions.
The R&D DIVISION ITSELF is working continuously to provide LED innovations for other fields of application such as the home, industry, the urban space, etc. As a fruit of this work FARO LED has produced and now is distributing this wide-ranging catalogue of bulbs and LED luminaires with a wide range of lighting solutions.

FARO is currently present in 12 countries and offers a wide product range that covers decorative, technical and outdoor lighting.

Manufacturer site: www.faro.es