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Ceramica Flaminia was founded in 1955 in Civita Castellana, a territory historically known for its ceramics since ancient times. Splendid examples of ceramic art were created in this area around the IV century b.c.. Even though the first workshops arose at the end of the 1700’s, it is during the beginning of the 1900’s that the first factories of tableware, tiles and sanitary ware were founded. This is the heritage of the founders of the Ceramica Flaminia, a group of professionals of the sanitary ware sector who decided to unite in a new company. At that time, the entire production process was by hand, but Ceramica Flaminia quickly grew and evolved thanks to the passion and competence of its founders.

Today Flaminia, specialized in ceramic sanitary ware, stands out by maintaining its production in-house, guaranteeing high quality strictly “Made in Italy”. Flaminia combines the most advanced production process with consolidated workmanship abilities enabling to confront even the most difficult challenges with a continuous open-mind towards experimentation. Ceramica Flaminia, which has recently collaborated with Alessandro Mendini, often works with important international designers who have never had the opportunity to realize projects in ceramics before. It dedicates all it’s energy in elaborating creative solutions that give the designer’s forms and creativity to the product, making each project more and more complex, resulting in a new phase in the research of the aesthetical and functional potentials of ceramics.

The advanced production process is automated in every phase, from casting to glazing and firing, permitting the aesthetical and technical control of each single piece. Smart manual interventions are applied to the production of the more complex models. Three are the locations, two in Civita Castellana and one in Fabrica di Roma all in the province of Viterbo, for a total surface of 80,000 sqm.. Flaminia, S.p.A. since 1996, has received various awards for its products. In 2003 it received the Uni En Iso 9001- 2000 certificate for its quality system, in 2005 the Uni En Iso 14001 -2004 certificate for its environmental system and, always in 2005, Flaminia became a member of the ADI, Association for Industrial Design. 

According to Flaminia the bathroom is the fulcrum of the home, an intimate space to furnish in detail. No longer a bathroom but a living space where every single element is a result of a project far from the classical and conventional codes that have conditioned the sector for too long. A innovative vision that has pushed Flaminia , especially during the 90’s, to involve famous international designers exploring the expressive valance of ceramics and creating collections that unite technical performance and emotion with the ability to determine new trends and invent new modern languages. It was presented at Abitare il Tempo in 1997. Designed by Giulio Cappellini, today’s art director of the Flaminia, “Acquagrande” breaks the mold. The basin becomes a strong presence thanks to its important architectural dimensions combined with its rigorous shape. An icon of the contemporary bathroom.
Rethinking elements of our daily routine. A shower tray drawn from other cultures of living. The innovative tatami system by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba was born from oriental minimalism. A very thin ceramic mat flush with the floor that combines a foot massage with its non-slip function. Modular ceramic bricks that can be laid creating a shower of the size of your choice, just like the tatami of the traditional Japanese home. 

Two versatile pieces designed by Giulio Cappellini and Roberto Palomba. A wc and bidet to freely match the various basins of the Ceramica Flaminia catalogue. Elements that for their clean and deconstructed lines easily fit in different architectural contexts. These wall hung models have gained international success thanks to a pliable and functional concept of bathroom furnishing. 

The basin as a sculpture. With a circular shape, it is supported in the free-standing version by a well defined, clean cylindrical column. A project that emphasizes the pure, natural beauty of ceramics. The twin collection and twin column are designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. 

Sinuous lines and net volumes alternate. Tactile and visual sensations in contrast and in harmony with the IO collection designed by Alexander Duringer and Stefano Rosini . An organic thought that the two also apply to the “Si” taps where simple ribbon of stainless steel that evokes and synthesizes the natural flow of water. 

Full forms, important volumes. The sanitary ware Mono’ by Patrick Norguet magnifies the presence of the ceramics. Instead, Luca Cimarra, with the shower tray “Water Drop” , the ceramics express the value of visual lightness and of essentialism resulting in an element easily laid or placed flush with the floor.

Ceramica Flaminia continues its course of research both from a technical-functional and design point of view. 2010 marks the collaboration, for the first time, with Rodolfo Dordoni who designed the Como collection for Flaminia inspired by natural bays of water. Each element is a unique piece, compact, with surfaces for objects that accompany our daily routines. A design dynamism that makes Flaminia an authentic leader in the world of bathroom furnishings, winning prestigious awards and recognitions. In 2005 Flaminia inaugurated its showroom in Milan, in Via Solferino 18. A space which has become a meeting point for designers, clients and the public in addition to a location for events tied to the culture of the bathroom and well-being.


Manufacturer site: www.ceramicaflaminia.it