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For over 25 years, Idealsedia has designed, created and crafted in Italy a line of fine luxurious Italian furniture. Idealsedia has presented high quality Italian designs with affordable price for the world market. The products are cool chic and provide flexibility and scalability, and designed with people in mind—that’s what our focus is on. Combining design is more than a symbol of Made in Italy which has been tied together with Italian tradition in the creation of these products.

Today’s company is modern and well-structured, and is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of household furniture.
Tables and chairs still represent the greater part of Idealsedia’s sales, but other articles, such as accessories, furniture elements and complementary items are steadily being added to our product range.

Idealsedia’s current product range is almost equally divided between articles in metal and wood, though always with an eye to the trends in the market and without neglecting the use of other materials such as the various types of plastic, flat and contoured glass, as well as the latest hi-tech materials.
Today, Idealsedia’s products are sold in Italy and throughout the world, with exports accounting for 75% of sales.

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