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IP44.de is a leading provider of top quality, innovative outside lights. The company has set itself the task of rediscovering hitherto neglected outside areas as the setting for special lighting design. Luminaires by IP44.de offer guidance and add accents to the architecture. They are characterised by aesthetic, everlasting materials such as refined stainless steel and anodised aluminium. By using an uncompromisingly clear design language together with top quality electronic components, IP44.de generates an unmistakable product profile and has created completely new standards for outside lighting.

IP44.de's story begins in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, East Westphalia, where the company today still has its roots. For three generations now, the family business has been advising customers about lighting and light planning. It soon transpired that there were no really recommendable luminaires for outside use. And so in 1993, Bernd Schmalhorst founded IP44.de outside lighting. Today the company's developments enthral customers from Germany and all over the world.

IP44.de's success is based on cautious growth while clearly focusing on the company's core expertise: developing uncompromisingly perfect outside lights. The whole production process takes place only in Germany, resulting in the suffix ".de" to the company's name as a clear avowal to the quality claim "made in Germany". Clear shapes, precious materials, filigree design: all this is much more demanding when used for outside applications than in building interiors. IP44.de's creative activities involve contributions from inhouse designers and external specialists, for whom an outside light has to be at least as perfect as the most attractive interior light. In view of the wide range of possible weather conditions, the product claim for outside use goes even further.

From the choice of materials through to the electronic components, outside lights have to be designed to reliably withstand all kinds of wind and weather for many years. The team is therefore dedicated to refining all components and improving the products all the time.

The anodised aluminium surfaces are a particular expression of the special resistance with which the luminaires defy the weather. But weather resistance makes great requirements in terms of design. The demand for uncompromisingly good surfaces is also met by IP44.de's stainless steel lamps, available with a brushed or polished finish. The luminaires make an unmistakable statement not only in their design language, an impression further underlined by the housings with their precise edges and lines.

IP44.de outside lighting is a leading provider of top quality innovative outside lights. Since the company was founded in 1993, it has been designing and developing luminaires in Germany that combine the most sophisticated demands in terms of design language, materiality, energy efficiency and advanced technology. Following the innovative IvyLight©-technology, this year saw the introduction of WavePipe©-technology for the scap and quantum product families: this is a thermally optimised aluminium profile to take low-voltage halogen lamps. The new development marks major progress compared to conventional up- and downlights made of stainless steel: nearly all of these are fitted with high-voltage halogen systems, resulting in high costs for lamps, electricity and maintenance.

This development work resulted in the innovative WavePipe©-technology which supplemented IP44.de's scap and quantum product families in 2010. For the first time, now stainless steel up- and downlights can be fitted with low-voltage components. They are now 60% more efficient than the normal high-voltage version while offering far greater light efficacy and a clearly longer service life for the luminaires. The story of IP44.de's successful development work also includes the IvyLight©-technology with individual optimisation and coordination of all the parts in the luminaires in terms of colour rendering, heat control and electronic components. The IvyLight© PCBs reduce the temperature in the luminaires, lengthening the service life many times over.


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