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Making something from nothing and creating maximum forms from minimal amounts of materials…

This is the basic concept that underlies the creation, since 1994, of the light features of Jacco Maris. These are unique objects that combine powerful and exciting looks with graceful harmony and subtle elegance, and which are skilfully and individually handcrafted in our own studio. Most of the designs are based on the bending of a metal strip. Steel strip, the material from which most of the light fittings are made, is therefore the most important trademark of Jacco Maris Design. Stainless steel, black steel and brass are also distinctive elements that are used on their own or in combination. In this way, over the years, seven remarkable lighting collections have been developed, each with its own recognisable character. Since 2001, the collections have been created in cooperation with Ben Quaedvlieg. And because all light fittings are made by hand, Jacco Maris Design can, if desired, supplement its standard collections with bespoke work and special designs, incorporating the client’s specific wishes in every fine detail.

Jacco Maris trained to become a designer and draughtsman in Utrecht and subsequently studied industrial design in Eindhoven. At the start of his career, he was primarily engaged in creating décors and window displays. When one of his clients wanted an unusual but graceful lamp for his business premises, he decided to give shape to his own ideas. He went to a breaker’s yard and bought a brass strip of some metres in length. Jacco relates: "In terms of the shop layout as a whole, that lamp was an afterthought. In one way, that was a pity, but on the other hand it stimulates you to be highly creative with very few resources. The result was a really beautiful light fitting. I continued in that vein, and it gave rise to an entire collection."

Having the right light in the right place is a crucial factor in interior design. Attractive lighting gives a room a distinctive atmosphere, creates subtle accents and shows exceptional pieces of furniture to their maximum advantage. The unique light features of Jacco Maris add something more. Thanks to their unusual design – whether suspended from the ceiling or walls, or standing on the floor or on a table - they endow a room’s furnishings with additional allure.

Jacco Maris Design does not restrict itself to producing its own standard collections. It goes without saying that clients sometimes have very specific wishes with regard to lighting. These wishes can be catered for to the finest detail. The team can modify existing designs on request, but clients can also approach them with their own designs or ideas. In such cases, it is definitely worth a trip to Breda to discuss the kind of solutions available in terms of materials, colours, shapes and dimensions. In principle, everything is possible.


Manufacturer site: www.jaccomaris.com 

Jacco Maris