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Johanson Design was started in 1953 and has ever since then maintained a high level of craftmanship as a platform for the company. Since Dan and Paul Johanson took over the company in the early nineteen nineties, it was decided to continue to develop designs dedicated to the ’Johanson Design style’ that is so well received all over the world today. They realized early on that the key to success was to combine furniture know-how with high quality designs says Paul Johanson.

Following that - other well known designers such as Mattias Ljunggren, Alexander Lervik, Anders Hjelm, Johan Lindstén and Simon Pengelly have been working closely on product developments. All the time they have been working with the company to launch many new products that has helped Johanson Design to gain their own high profile. The reputation they  have and what the brand Johanson Design means is simple and minimalistic, underlined by a strong profile and clean scandinavian lines say Dan Johanson. Johanson Design have always maintained to use a choice of high quality materials and to honour delivery times.

The Johanson Design target group is very broad and worldwide. Almost everything is specified and purchased through architects, designers and dealers. It is mainly for contract use such as offices, retail shops, hotels, restaurants and ship interiors to name a few. Scandinavia and UK are the biggest markets followed by Benelux, France, Germany, Italy and USA.

A conscious and consistent focus on modern, timeless design with clean, Scandinavian lines has made Johanson Design a strong global brand. Working with some of the most highly skilled designers in Sweden and Europe, Johanson Design has created a wide, stylish furniture collection that has focused the attention of architects and interior designers across the world on Markaryd in Småland, southern Sweden, where Johanson Design has been based since the company began back in 1953.

Virtually all the manufacturing takes place at Markaryd in a new, modern production plant. Most of the company’s manufacturing is founded on skilled craftsmanship and traditional furniture manufacturing methods. No furniture leaves the premises until the staff, with years of sound furniture expertise under their belt, have checked that the quality is absolutely world class. 

Since it's founding in the mid fifties, Johanson Design has distinguished itself as one of Sweden's foremost manufacturers of modern furniture. Our style is characterized by design with clean architectural lines, fine material and craftsmanship and we have always believed in the power of thrift, honesty, and hard work.

Today they  are geared for the future with new attractive design, combined with the best of our classic models. We have always considered the environmental impact of our materials and processes and are continually searching for ways to reduce and recycle.
In their  efforts to be among the leading furniture manufacturers we take extraordinary measures to ensure that our worldwide customers receive consistently high-quality products and services. Johanson Design operates worldwide and in the past five years has exported furniture to an impressive 52 countries.


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