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Kerasan Srl is an Italian company that has been manufacturing ceramic sanitary ware and bathroom fittings since 1960.
These are specially-designed solutions that take into consideration the many different ways of living, with products that are both functional and aesthetically-pleasing, as we believe that fashion and interior design trends are no less important.

All sanitary ware products are defined by very accurate and refined choices in design that render Kerasan products unmistakable. Kerasan invests in research and development of new products in step with market demands and at the same time offers a wide choice.
Kerasan designers are true experts in creating unique effects and atmosphere in the bathroom. The attention to materials and their processing is another Kerasan strong point that establishes the company as a market leader.

The Kerasan product range foresees the addition of a series of four countertop and wall-hung wash basins, four toilets with two wall-suspended and two free-standing models, that will be completed shortly.
All of the company's ceramic sanitary ware products are subject to strict controls both in terms of formal processes and functionality. The quality standards are constantly reformulated in order to achieve continuous levels of improvement, while new raw materials and working procedures are experimented.

Their  ceramic sanitary ware products are characterized by their soft lines, even in the case of geometrically-complex designs, that define the appearance and therefore the perception. They are complete with technical and aesthetic details that render them original and immediately recognizable. Scrolling through the Kerasan catalog you quickly realize that you are dealing with a leader in its target market.

Choosing the design of the company's sanitary ware as well as the locations where the products will be inserted is one of the fundamental aspects of the Kerasan approach towards its customers.
The shapes of the washbasins, shower boxes and trays, consoles and bidets and all the accessories which Kerasan provides the customer, give an immediate sense of being faced with one of the leading market players.

This is the result of design and choice of materials that make Kerasan a worldwide leader.


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