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Laminam is a consolidated company part of the System Group. The continuous search for technological and aesthetic solutions for ceramic tile products has resulted in the development by the System Group of an innovative and completely automated production process which has been incorporated into Laminam to broaden the horizons of the design world and pave the way for a new concept of surface.

Inspired by the idea of developing the largest and thinnest ceramic slab ever seen that would multiply the fields of application compared to a standard ceramic product, Laminam has developed a new concept of surface with universal potential and versatility that adds new value to the building, architecture and interior design world. Laminam is a company but also a product; a technological system which is above all a truly versatile, flexible and exceptional solution with high aesthetic and technical performances; for the first time ever it is now possible to use large surfaces in previously unthinkable applications. It is the first ever large format slab with a thickness of just 3 mm: an aesthetically innovative surface with exceptional technical performance; a real skin for contemporary architecture, an epochal innovation that has revolutionised the way of dressing spaces and volumes.

The slabs, created with natural materials such as quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments, do not release any substance into the environment and can be easily milled and recycled in other production cycles. Laminam slabs are produced adopting sustainable technology that respects the entire eco-system and is designed to reduce processing waste to a minimum and limit the use of resources. The use of hybrid kilns that combine gas and electricity significantly reduces CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Thanks to the lightness of the 3 mm thickness, Laminam is easy to transport, thus reducing the emission of particulate matter which is harmful for the environment. Laminam’s planar, flexible and thin surface can be used to cover floors or walls or to renovate buildings without demolishing the existing surfaces.

The respect for the environment, which makes Laminam and its company philosophy stand out, has led to a photovoltaic system being installed on the roofs of the two Fiorano Modenese plants. Over a year, this system guarantees the production of around 1,050 GWh, thereby avoiding releasing 525 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. In terms of CO2 reduction, Laminam’s photovoltaic roof is equal to 105 hectares of forest, i.e. a square of about 1 km per side, and enables the company to produce 10% of its energy requirements. The GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL ITALIA is the Italian association of Leaders who strive to transform the building market towards environmental sustainability to build liveable communities. Partners of GBC Italia promote environmental, economic and social responsibility by innovating the way in which buildings are designed, built and used.


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