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Luce da Vivere

LUCE DA VIVERE the new IDL brand is based on a vibrant interpretation of contemporary lighting.

Innovative design and an absolute aesthetic balance have enabled us to offer the best solutions for lighting in modern interiors.
We have combined these essential qualities with our ongoing attention to functionality and new lighting visions; the result is our very special, and unmatched, contribution to elegant everyday living.

The lights in LUCE DA VIVERE reflect the professionalism and manufacturing skills which IDL has been honing and excelling in during the last thirty years. We have allied these qualities with artisan values which continue to underpin our production process. It is thanks to the enthusiasm, passion and creativity which drive IDL that our staff are constantly developing modern solutions to suit the most demanding lighting requirements. Note in particular how IDL's lights are infused with brilliance and how they evoke unique emotions. All this remains allied to a very strict  quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

LUCE DA VIVERE by IDL is your authentic guarantee of a product beaming with the excellence, design and style that speaks "Made in Italy".


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Luce da Vivere