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"Once upon a time there was a saw mill…" - is how the story of wood processing at mafi might begin. The story of mafi wood processing began as far back as the end of the First World War when the Fillafer family started to operate its own sawmill. In Schneegattern, Upper Austria, on the edge of the largest continuous forest in Central Europe, the Kobernaußer Forest, the Fillafers spent years perfecting the production of high quality wooden ceilings and beams and decorating these with hand-carvings. From this experience it was only a short step to the production of natural wood floors

Nowadays the brand "mafi Natural Wood Flooring" is synonymous for oiled country-style flooring in many countries in Europe. After many years’ experience in processing solid wood at the family sawmill, Friedrich Fillafer has been producing wooden floor planks in 3-layer construction with their exceptional ecological surface finish, since 1992. Instead of the usual lacquer, a new method is used to treat the wooden floors, one that is very natural and based on oil. With the perfection of this newly developed method of production, Friedrich Fillafer has succeeded in establishing the brand “mafi Naturholzböden” as one of the main producers in the wood trade. The brand “mafi Natural Wood Flooring” has become a synonym for oiled country-style planks not only in the European Union, but also in Japan, Mexico and the USA..

Not only experience and control, but also the origin of the wood guarantees “perfect” quality, and for that reason we acquire our raw material mainly from Austria and/or Europe and North America (Canada). Last but not least, the correct time for felling is a significant criterion for the quality assurance of wood. The standard of high quality of mafi products is assured by 100 years’ experience in production of massive wood and the fact that production and surface treatment take place in our own facilities. A system of permanent control prevents loss in quality of mafi products as is proven by the large number of awards (certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001), EMAS standard, Safety Certificate and IMS Integrated Management System).

mafi produces the highest quality, contemporary European engineered wood flooring. Chosen by the most respected architects, interior designers and discerning clients, it is considered to be the most exquisite wood floor in the world.

Today mafi is the trendsetter in the area of natural wooden floorings. Continous innovation along with the highest qualtiy and naturalness have made mafi so successful internationally. Architects, designers and celebrities worldwide, swear by the symbiosis of perfect naturalness and first-class design.

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