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Marazzi tile is one of the world’s leading providers of fine Italian tile for both floor and wall applications. With manufacturing plants and retail outlets in many countries, they are truly a worldwide presence in the tile industry. Founded in Italy, this renowned tile manufacturer was able to expand to operate on several continents, due in part to the demand for the beautiful tile they have to offer.

The tile that Marazzi provides is some of the finest, highest quality tile available in the industry today, and with a tile solution suitable for the floor or walls of just about any home or commercial space available, it’s no wonder that the collections offered by Marazzi have gained such a worldwide reputation. There are tile options that are perfect for almost any space, including styles such as Imperial Slate, a tile that can suit either modern or classic styles; Vesale Stone, a line of bold and richly detailed porcelain tiles with the look of natural stone; Archaelogy, a travertine-inspired tile with the look of natural limestone; and the Studio M series that features a wide range of beautiful glass mosaics for wall decoration.

Any home or commercial space can benefit by applying Marazzi tile to its spaces, as this tile creates an atmosphere of beauty and sophistication wherever it is used. Truly stunning, these tile collections are capable of completely revolutionizing the look of a home, and are an excellent asset to any space, providing a classy look that is gorgeous as well as sophisticated and elegant.

Experience and innovation capability, creativity and design, tradition and culture, a passion for ceramics and environmental awareness are the fortes of Marazzi ceramics which have been defining living spaces since 1935, combining aesthetics and top quality materials.
With over 5,500 products in porcelain stoneware, crystallized stoneware and single-fired, as well as mosaics, marble, granite and natural stones available in a range of sizes, colours, thicknesses and surfaces, Marazzi is able to respond promptly to the diverse needs relating to living spaces and contemporary architecture.

Today Marazzi ceramic tiles are used not only for the floors and walls of residential buildings; thanks to their outstanding technical and aesthetic characteristics, they are increasingly chosen for use in public spaces and in major architectural projects.
For decades now, Marazzi has been developing and offering the market new areas of application for ceramics, providing architects with products that deliver outstanding technical characteristics, through the Marazzi Tecnica brand, as well as an ever growing array of solutions for architecture through the Marazzi Engineering Division.

Specialized in the production and sale of porcelain stoneware and ceramic slabs for vertical surfaces subject to high stress and horizontal surfaces subject to heavy traffic, for over 20 years Marazzi Tecnica has been the preferred choice of architects and designers when it comes to large scale projects or buildings requiring materials that guarantee outstanding technical performance: hardness, resistance to abrasion and stains, slip-resistance, ease of cleaning, large sizes and understated, essential aesthetics are indeed the key characteristics of Marazzi Tecnica products.

The Marazzi Engineering Division supports the planning and construction industries through the development of floor and wall covering systems for indoors and outdoors, in particular raised floors and ventilated walls, providing sector specialists with "turnkey" solutions which include installation, customization, research and water-jet cutting of special materials.


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