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Midj was established in 1988 and has rapidly achieved a leading position in the sector of the production of chairs, tables and furnishing accessories. The experience and professional competence acquired in these years are the strong points of Midj’s trademark, being able to offer functional and modern products of high design. Thanks to the collaboration of successful designers, Midj’s engineering department designs, develops and industrializes the models characterized by a metallic structure covered with leather, wood, fabric or polypropylene – as regards chairs. A great attention to the market and to trends and their evolution has led Midj to complete the available range with products of high technological content where the various materials used in the production cycle match harmoniously.

Midj is a company in the Friuli region that produces - entirely in Italy – chairs, tables and complementary furnishing items featuring top-design and quality.
For over twenty years the company has been pursuing its goals of growth and development in style and production, restyling its range, improving and expanding its offices and production units, where chairs are made for markets worldwide. Experience and professionalism acquired over the years are the strengths of this company, which offers functional, modern top-design products.

Its history, of passions and talent, is intricately linked to the Vernier family, the owners.  In fact, when he was a child the owner Paolo Vernier loved to make chairs in iron wire to play with: with these simple metal objects he has successfully turned his dreams into a company that employs about 70 people, in addition to a considerable number of third party suppliers.  If Paolo is the life and soul of Midj, his family and his staff are the driving force: Roberta, Rudy, Miriam, Igor and Francesca represent the rational part, the supporting arms, the legs to walk on, the eyes that look to the future, and the heart of a group that tirelessly produces ideas, new features, creativity, as well as an infinite range of innovative and original products.

Midj has about 70 employees and approximately thirty external collaborators – always valuable resources for the company – who work on the premises in Cordovado in a covered surface area of 12,000 m2.  The total area covers about two hectares and includes 1,000 m2 of showrooms and 700 m2 of offices. Every day 800 chairs and 150 tables leave the factory, which include 300 different models and infinite ranges of colours and materials currently in production.  Chair production, with over 57% for export, totals about 4,000 chairs a week, providing a yearly average turnover of over 11 million Euros. Midj products, synonymous with design, ongoing research and creativity, are distributed worldwide, with important opportunities for market growth on a daily basis. This shows the clear predominance of quality “made in Italy” products over competition from producers in the Far East.

Midj produces and sells a variety of lines featuring striking design content and modern style for the home and workplace, a perennial search for new materials and finishes.  The range includes chairs, mainly with a metal frame and upholstered in hide, leather, fabrics and plastic; tables with a metal frame and wood or glass tops; complementary furnishing items in metal, hide, leather and methacrylates. Continuously concentrating on upgrading, training and improvements in production enables the company to maintain excellent quality standards, creating the right conditions for offering customers the products they want, for optimizing delivery times and for an extensive distribution and sales network in Italy and worldwide.

Midj has a quality strategy that starts with controlling raw materials, continues with in-company assembly and finishes with packaging: these steps are closely monitored to ensure that all products displaying the Midj trademark meet the requirements of end consumers.


Manufacturer site: www.midj.it