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Patina was founded in 1985 and it originates in a strong passion  for that warm and graceful lines and  refined creativity in colors and decorations typical of the 18th century of venetian hand painted furniture. Certainly an originally oriental technique that in the 18th century  spread all over Europe, making hand painted furniture very precious, being found in the mkansions of the royalty and aristocrates of the time.

Patina offers the very finest in Italian produced hand painted furniture. The Patina furniture line now consists of nearly 100 different frame shapes and an unlimited number of color and decoration options. Come, enter the world of Patina and enjoy a sample of the exquisite artistry and stunning beauty of our fine hand painted furniture. Elegant Finds offer this Patina furniture line at 50 to 60% off retail always.

It takes years of experience, observation, study, and training to differentiate between an antique piece of furniture and a faithful reproduction. Some characteristics, however, cannot be reproduced. Patina is one the manufacturers that understand the value of wood and refinement , they put price on quality and their products are one of a kind masterpieces.


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