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Ridea Srl was born after more than one year of researches, which involved some of most well known Italian architects and design professionals, other than the main Italian technical and technological research universities (including the “Politecnico” research centre in Milan, which supported the technical development, including testing). Ridea belongs to Foglieni’s Group composed of two other companies: Radiatori 2000 Spa, which detains a large experience, gained over the years, in manufacturing aluminium radiators, and Stemin Spa, one of the most important companies involved in recycle of metals.

Starting from this membership, Ridea chooses to employ exclusively ecological materials (aluminium and copper), in order to give life to a new concept of design radiator, a product which perfectly summarizes in harmony design and functionality, joining the elegance of the lines with the best output thermal performance. Ridea production system is finalized to satisfy also the most exigent customers, so much so the variety showed in our catalogue gives just an example of what we can create with our technology. Ridea is the only company are able to create any kind of customer designed model, without limits of shapes, geometries or textures, realizing real “custommade” creations and, even if we make use of the most advanced technologies, we can still guarantee hand-made finishing (silver or gold foils, etc...) characteristic of highest “made in Italy” products. Art Direction of the company is headed by Giulio Cappellini.

They take carefully care of every single creation and we grant our clients the possibility to decide how their products have to be finished, decorated or customized, therefore each creation is unique and original and followed by a numerated certificate of guarantee. We didn’t put attention just on the design research, but we also attentively cared about the functionality of this radiator, which is one of the most performing on the market, has a very high resistance to corrosion (fluids flow through a copper circuit) and pressure (up to 9 bars). It can grant the best thermal output (tested by the Energetic Department of Politecnico University of Milan, supported by several Airal studies), and a remarkable energy saving, thanks to a reduced content of water (lower than 0,5 L) and a very low thermal inertia of the raw materials, which consents a fast reach of comfort temperature. They work also with low water temperature (40°C) and assure good performance also if used in conjunction with condensation boilers and solar panel.

The whole collection is available hot water or electric version. This product is extremely versatile and, thanks to a particular patented “door- like” system, which allows to open the radiator during its functioning, the installation become easier and fast. This particular opening system (available almost for all the models), consents a regular cleaning of the rear part, in order to decrease the circulation of dust and consequently improve the quality of the air, the environment hygiene and the comfort zone. Provided with rollaway connections, Ridea radiators can be installed in any position without limits of centre distance; the connection is made by no crushing flexible pipes, consenting to adapt the radiator to the existing connections, becoming perfect in case of replacement. The measures we recommend are the best ones in order to obtain a fast, functional and aesthetically pleasant installation. 

Ridea represents a new concept of heating, where elegance, beauty and functionality are harmoniously melt.


Manufacturer site: www.ridea.it