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The company was founded in 1969 with the name of "B.R." by Severino Riccato, an astute businessman who decided together with close colleagues and associates to open his own workshop in Marcon (Venice); the results were immediately encouraging. As a matter of fact, since 1973 the workshop became a factory with a new production department. Then, in 1980, a new, larger factory covering 2.500 square meters was built and the company name changed into “Selène Illuminazione”. During the 1980s, increasingly refined products were produced and were also introduced pioneering techniques, such as curved glass and the complex frames.
From the 1990s till nowadays, the more upbeat promotional strategy organised by Federico Riccato - which includes the certification of the products conformed to the most important international standards (Gost, UL, etc.) and the consistent participation to the major trade fairs - has allowed a vigorous expansion abroad.

Why are Selene lighting products made of glass? Glass-making is an art that has existed for a thousand years. The Republic of Venice documented its use from the 10th century AD and its techniques have been handed down to present day craftsman. The famous vitrifiable mixture of sand, soda and powdered minerals is by no means a set formula but, as with paints, is a special combination that varies the weight, luminosity, transparency and color of the glass when the ingredients are used in different quantities. Handed down from farther to son, these thousand combinations are the secret receipts that afford Murano glass its unique qualities. These are prized by master glass-makers who use them for light, the most extraordinary form of expression.

Selene lighting has made this artistic legacy the cornerstone of its work, as its key lighting products are made of original blown Murano glass. Fashioned by master glass-makers, each item is rendered unique. Murano glass takes longer to solidify on account of its special chemical composition. This means it can be worked more extensively and meticulously. In Greek, Selene means moon: this light, a source of wonder for thousands of years, has become the symbol of its company mission. In over thirty years of business, Selene lighting has seen a development which has helped it achieve an important position in the world of lighting. The company's adroit blend of traditional glass art and attentive observance of furnishing industry developments has enabled it to create first-class collections, which are always in line with the latest fashions in modern lighting. Today, the name Selene guarantees clients quality and handicraft workmanship that meet the latest industry standards.

The vast Selene lighting range complements modern surroundings perfectly, regardless of whether they are furnished traditionally or with more refined items in the latest design. The models have been carefully studied to meet a gamut of user requirements and are consistently updated as the industry progresses, without overlooking the models that appeal to more traditional tastes. Almost all Selene models are complete lighting families: hanging-lamps, ceiling-lamps, wall-fixtures, standard lamps and the classic "triptic" (bedside, table or chest-of-drawers lamp). One collection can furnish your entire home. The wooden or metal fixtures are designed to enhance the glass diffuser, which is the most important part of the model. In many cases the fixture is worked by experts with sophisticated techniques (bending, soldering, cutting and twisting). Both ductile metals, such as iron and brass, and wood are worked with stunning results, which turn some models into genuine furnishing masterpieces. Such effects are only possible because of the extreme care taken over each phase in all procedures, including quality control and attention to EC industry standards.


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