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Seven Sedie  is an italian producer of quality classic chairs, armchairs, tables, sofas, desks. Seven Sedie Reproduction: classic style chairs, classic armchairs, classic sofas, classic tables, classic desks, Italian love seats, classic stools and footstools, classic barstools, classic quality console.

It was 1965 when Diego Piva established the workshop Piva Sedie specialized in style chairs production: from six up to twelve pieces per week, delivered with an handcart to shop-keepers and retailers in the area.
Time, passion and work changed that time workshop into the solid and successful business of today, still leaded by Diego Piva. If craftsmanlike working gave up the place to industrial automation, basic values are still the same: attention to our customers requires, product's quality and details care.

First of all, beech wood. A versatile and hard wood at the same time. A light colour wood, easy to paint and to finish, but very nice even in its natural colour. 
Then the work which gives the wished form to the material. An industrial work which becomes craftsmanlike when we need to impress to our product a detail or a distinctive feature that only man's hand can give.
Fabrics and leathers in many different varieties and typologies, as much valuable as tough, as much rich in shades as functional. At last, inserts and complements make rich and finish the product, carving and inlay works are fulfilled with craftmade care, by masters with long experience in the sector.

Not only chairs, but also sofas, armchairs, tables and desks; all Seven Sedie products are manufactured with "haute couture" crafted finishings, supported by a highly technological management and operating system to meet the highest "made in Italy" quality standards.
Seven Sedie is a highly engineered atelier, a modern workshop for exclusive collections that combine reliability and look, a laboratory that reinvents classic furniture enriching it with the expression of avant-garde design.

The passion for technology makes the production process fast and accurate, the delivery times are short and always respected; thanks to continuous investments in research to optimise the management system punctuality and flexibility have become the company’s strong points.
The raw materials, such as beech wood and high quality fibres, are carefully selected by Seven Sedie. High quality manufacturing and top level creativity are the result of the craftsmanship at Seven Sedie, a company with fresh and modern ideas also in terms of technical development.
Seven Sedie has long standing relationships with reliable collaborators and suppliers, often on an exclusive basis, and provides them with continuous updates. The diffusion of the know-how acquired to all its partners is a plus point for Seven Sedie which can thus benefit from a fast, efficient and coordinated inter-company communications system.

Today the company is managed by Massimo, Federico and Luca, who are committed to the evolution of the company and making the Seven Sedie brand synonymous with manufacturing excellence.


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