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Terzani La Luce Pensata is one of the pioneers of Italian lighting design. The first lamps of the luminaire factory Terzani, founded by Sergio Terzani, were manufactured in the 1970s. In 1985, the Italian met the French Jean Francois Crochet. With this blend of finest Italian craftsmanship and stylish French design the world-wide success of the company Terzani started.

'Everything is light' (Tutto e 'Luce) is not just a slogan, but also the characterizing description of the avant-garde lighting design by Terzani. This philosophy also corresponds to the selective choice of materials. As a result, unique light sculptures designed by Terzani add charm to modernly furnished homes. Terzani began as a creative design and production laboratory for lighting objects, with roots in the most noble craft traditions of wrought iron, carved wood and Murano glass.

Luxury lighting is the trademark of the Italian design brand Terzani. In the area of design lighting Terzani is always looking for a little more: luxury, prestige, status. At the same time the luxurious, artistic and expressive Terzani lighting fixtures are jewels of light. arm light and a unique refraction of light create a sense of hominess.
Terzani is the company of Sergio Terzani and the renowned designer Jean François Crochet, designer of classics like Antinea and ZigZag. Notwithstanding the understated mission state of Terzani: ‘Pensare la Luce’ or ‘Thinking about Light’, Terzani represents luxurious and artistic lighting.

Terzani have strong links with the materials of iron, wood, and of course Murano glass, but with a contemporary twist to update their lighting to the modern day. Terzani constantly modernize their lighting styles. The company currently employs a combination of the company’s heritage with current, 21st century technologies.  It’s the inspiration that emerges from a world of objects—such as a name, a flower, a jewel or a passion. It’s the animating force that defines the personality and tenor of a room. It’s a laboratory—Terzani Lab, where artisan traditions fuse with advanced technologies, to create and produce daring designs that challenge conventional forms of illumination.


Manufacturer site: www.terzani.com