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Treci Furniture was born in 1922 from a craft workshop. Thanks to the skilled care and the passion of three generations of the Cecchini family, Treci has changed and improved its position in the Italian and the international market.  Their skilled craftsmen know how to combine the artisan tradition with the requirements of the modern industrial production, to produce co-ordinate furniture elements for bedrooms and dining rooms. Total reliability and perfect service The sales and the distribution are organised with a special care and supported by a constant service, which allows them to satisfy all the needs of an always increasing number of customers. Their products are the result of a perfect balance between a refined sense of beauty and functionality, a careful choice of the best materials and productive solutions supported by the latest technologies.

Their company has very deep roots, that reach far back into the history of our country’s finest artisans. This tradition began during this last century, when the grandfather Guido produced all of the wooden pieces that his friends and neighbours needed to furnish their homes.
That little craftsman’s shop flourished thanks to Guido’s three children, among them their  father Armando, who taught them  the very passion for this job. From its inception in 1922, and throughout three generations, our company has grown into an industry that now supplies customers all over the world.

They like to accentuate our slogan: REALITY, PASSION and TENACITY. These are the three words that encompass our mentality and best convey their company’s mission. Today they want to share these values with you, as a way of overcoming the current sales crisis or whatever other challenges which are ever increasing.


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