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Valli Arredobagno, Italian company founded in 1990, boasts a long history made of tradition, experience and search of novelties. Valli Arredobagno goes beyond the bathroom concept, by focussing on innovative design using precious materials, accurate manufacturing and leading technologies. The most intimate place of the house therefore becomes a refined and elegant environment, aimed towards wellbeing.

The company, which has a long history of tradition and research into the creation of new products, is reviving the bathroom in a whole new perspective. Valli Arredobagno goes beyond the concept of the bathroom, offering an innovative design that uses precious materials, accurate machining and cutting edge technologies. The most intimate home turns into a refined and elegant environment, well-being.Furnishing of valleys that is a story in which style and quality are linked harmoniously, giving to each individual collection extreme versatility and possibilities of insertion in any spatial dimension.

The renovation underway, treasuring this past experience and reinforces the points of excellence and expanding the cooperation with leading designers in the industry, to give life to objects that satisfy different needs and desires. Thanks for the attention and the attention to detail, Valli Arredobagno transforms a simple "site of newspaper" in an intriguing refuge, full of light, color and well-being. All geometric shapes that characterise the collections Valli Arredobagno are distinguished by elegance, refined taste and versatility. Can happen so that the shapes more rounded or sharp marry perfectly with the most diverse environments, creating a harmonious and giving everyone the opportunity to customize their own bathroom. What unites Valli Arredobagno products is the ability to associate subtly rationality and minimalism, classical forms eclectic line to anticipate trends and continue to surprise.

In 2008 Valli Arredobagno enters into a phase of renewal with the will of making the points of excellence stronger, such as the quality of material and the fine design, widening the collaboration with the most important designer in this field. The new company logo, elegant and essential, made in coherence with the products offered, appears like a faithful continuation of its historical origin. In fact the name Valli stays unchanged, synonym of quality and elegance, and gets richer with the denomination Arredobagno.

The cooperation of Valli Arredobagno with the best designers reinforce the strength and quality of the brand, always oriented to quality and style of its products. Decisive is the contribution from the world of architecture in order to offer a collection with strong personality, wide and versatile, rich with interesting novelties.

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