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VIS Arredamenti is a young company, born from the driving force of the ingenuity of its founders and supported by the decade-long background in the field of furnishing of his collaborators. From the fusion of their powers comes a new mix of unique and refined, which allows the end user to choose the entire environment in which they wish to live.Its added value consists of a system of distinctive competencies that guarantee product quality, attention to detail and attention to the customer.

VIS production is focused on the ability to offer custom finishes, especially as regards the work on wood and upholstered furniture. VIS is able to provide all its products in various finishes, even on the customer's specific request. The main objective is to meet every single requirement, as only the flexibility of an artisan company can guarantee.

The concept, in fact, is to provide a type of complete and sophisticated furniture, which allows the end user to choose the entire environment in which they want to live and play with combinations and color combinations.

The type of VIS furniture ranges from neoclassical to articles, contemporary styling, but what guides the production of VIS arredamenti is the harmony of shapes and colors, the livability and comfort of an environment on a human scale, far by wild exaggerations. In short, a furniture adaptable to any type of home, with the quality brand of Made in Italy, and even of made ​​in Tuscany.


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VIS Arredamenti

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