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The evolution of Vismara Design during the years has been very singular, since it was born as a classic furniture manufacturer. At the beginning of 90s, the company revolutionized its production and started to design and create specific furniture to collect audio and video supports. A team led by the company owner and first designer Pino Vismara, supported by freelance designers, began to design and manufacture truly unique and in-constant-evolution CD-racks for young people. Over the years the collection is grown more and more: from the original CD/DVD racks to more sophisticated equipped wall furniture for Plasma, LCD or LED TVs to the  “total look” for the  living rooms. 

The enthusiasm of the team for this “change of course” brought Vismara Design to be soon a leader in this market niche, first nationally and than on international level. The production and executive facilities are located in the Lombardy region, Seveso, in the centre of one of the most productive European industrial area. Mission of Vismara is to offer an innovative but functional design, with a special attention to details and careful selection of high quality raw-materials.

Vismara Design is an Italian company that has worked in the field of furnishings for over 50 years and since 90s  is specialized in manufacturing furnishing accessories for the home living area, fully respecting the handicraft skill, typical of the Made in Italy. Located in the Brianza area, one of the main Italian productive districts, Vismara Design has experienced a great expansion on international markets, confirming the appreciation for its quality and creations. 

Our furniture are manufactured in Seveso (MB) and are the result of a keen cooperation between designers and skilled craftsmen: a combination of technologies and “hand-made”, that is able to grant a reliable and unique product. Vismara Design stands for steady research, quality and elegance: imperative values involved  in the long experience and  tradition in woodworking; a typical Italian art, that is well represented by Vismara all over the world.


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