Shipping costs

How can I identify the shipping costs?

The shipping costs depend on the customer' s location and country, the volume and weight of the package and the value of the order. You have the opportunity to select the applicable version of shipping (EU countries or non-EU countries) in your shopping cart.

Please note that you will have to bear the customs taxes legally implied in your country or region.

What are the shipping costs in non-European Union countries?

Each customer located in a country outside the European Union will bear the customs authority taxes legally applied in his country or other, which may occur, such as road, fairy or bridge taxes.

Shipping costs in non-EU countries vary depending on the customer location. In this situation eDezeen may or may not support the shipping costs, taking in consideration not only the shipping destination but also the amount of the purchase.

In case you will request shipping in a non-EU country, just select “Shipping in non-EU countries”. Please note that shipping costs outside EU countries may vary between 300 - 900 € and they will be calculated depending on your location.

We try to make shopping at eDezeen a pleasant and easy experience, which is why our delivery policy contains fair prices, calculated strictly by objective factors (package weight and dimensions, total amount of the order, country of delivery, country of manufacturer).

Should you have any questions regarding our delivery policy or how to keep track of your shipping time, please do not hesitate to contact us!